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Hollingsworth Cemetery during phase III of the Project Renovation

Phase III of the Hollingsworth Cemetery Project Renovation included trimming weeds, attempting to kill tree stumps and new growth, spraying weeds, and making plans to remove portions of the fence to initiate renovation or replacement of the fence. The pictures shown below were were taken on 3 May 2008 during Phase III, and reflects the vast amount of work required to clear and renovate this cemetery. With the help of Westport Camp #64 members, their goal of the future dedication ceremony at Hollingsworth Cemetery is projected to be in late summer 2009.

This photo on 3 May 2008 at the Hollingsworth Cemetery, during Phase III, shows the new growth only after one year. All of the new growth will need to be cut and weeds trimmed and sprayed. (Photo taken by: Dirk A. Stapleton).
(David McCann is shown here during Phase III, prior to conducting cleanup work at the Hollingsworth Cemetery on 3 May 2008. (Photo taken by: Dirk A. Stapleton).
(L-R:) Dirk A. Stapleton and David McCann are shown here after completing the first portion of Phase III at the Hollingsworth Cemetery on 3 May 2008.

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