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Prior to Hollingsworth Cemetery Renovation Project

       The pictures shown below were taken of the The Hollingsworth Cemetary, located east of Lawson, Missouri prior to the renovation project. The Hollingsworth Cemetary is enumerated in the Cemetery Census of Clay County, Missouri, Volume I. It is a very small cemetary with only two known burials. The small cemetery is in a grove of trees near a local golf course. Prior to renovation, with all the low branches and tall brambles, it was difficult to find a way into the cemetery.

       A lot of work will be required to restore this cemetery back to it's original condition. The fence and gate will require extensive work, and in some places, replacements may have to be made. Trees and tree stumps will also need to be removed before any groundwork can be completed. Many tasks lay ahead for the Westport Camp #64 organization, but this is a worthy project that will be beneficial to the local community and historians.

Hollingsworth Cemetery Renovation Project

Once inside the cemetery, the two headstones appeared to have been moved from their original locations.

One headstone leaning against Hollingsworth Cemetery fence. Trees are inside the Cemetery and will require removal.

Corner fence post at the Hollingsworth Cemetery.
Fence and fence post at the Hollingsworth Cemetery. The Hollingsworth Cemetery fence will require major renovation and replacement in some sections due to deterioration.
South side of fence at the Hollingsworth Cemetery.

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