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Hollingsworth Cemetary during phase I of the Project Renovation

The pictures shown below were taken during Phase I of the Hollingsworth Cemetery Renovation Project on 6 May 2006. There are several photos reflecting the work conducted on the project renovation. All of the brush and trees have been cleared. .

Phase I of the Hollingsworth Cemetary Renovation Project
(L-R) Martin Conrad, his daughter, and his son assisting with the cleanup project. .
James Bridges is shown here by helping out with picking up weeds and debris.
(L-R) Ben Remington, Derek Long, and Jessica Ridings take a well desrved break during the cleanup project.
Father of Jessica Ridings cutting down a tree near the cemetery.
(L-R) Larry Stevenson, Ben Remington, Martin's son, and Jessica Ridings working on fence. The gate and some other pieces of the iron fence were taken to the Career Center for safekeeping and cleaning.
Dan Carder is shown here cutting down a tree inside the cemetery.
Martin Conrad and his daughter inspecting the tree, which was cut down earlier in the day. Martin's daughter is counting the tree rings. There were about 70 rings.
Larry Stevenson cutting down tree near cemetery.
One headstone resting near cut tree stumps inside the Hollingsworth Cemetery. The two base stones that we know about are buried. One of them has been uncovered, although it hasn't been moved yet. Why? It is stuck between two tree stumps! This will take some finesse and muscle power to get it out so it can be reset on a level. The other one will require the same work.

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